VSSL wasn’t created by marketing focus groups in some boardroom. It was invented by their founder, Todd Weimer, while he was growing up in Northern Canada. Todd and his best friend wanted to make packing and carrying their outdoor gear easier so they could prepare more quickly, and head out into the wild with confidence.


VSSL's core design is minimal, ultra-durable, and easy-to-carry while packing a critical assortment of essential first aid gear to keep you prepared for any adventure.

The gear inside each VSSL has been carefully chosen and intuitively organised for easy access and peace of mind as you adventure in the outdoors.



VSSL is the fastest and most reliable way to organise and prepare for the outdoors. When you pack a VSSL, you know you're ready for adventure.

VSSL First Aid Kit

This isn't your typical first aid kit; completely waterproof, a sleek compact design, adventure-ready durability, and a curated set of outdoor specific first aid components that are perfectly organised in our custom first aid roll for easy access. You can count on your VSSL First Aid to be ready when you need it most.

VSSL Camp Supplies

The fastest and most reliable way to prepare, organise, carry and access your crucial camp gear, the world's most versatile outdoor adventure kit. VSSL CAMP Supplies is perfectly stocked with over 70 pieces of essential outdoor gear. It’s like the multi-tool of camp lights, and it'll change the way you prepare for outdoor adventure.

VSSL Flask

Two collapsible shot glasses fit inside so you can take happy hour at your favorite outdoor spot. The Ultimate Adventure Flask. Pack your spirit of choice into the wild with the ultra-compact, versatile VSSL Flask. And you'll always find your way back to camp with the powerful 4 mode LED light and precision compass.