Face Coverings are compulsory in England from the 24th July! Get yours here!

What you need

Kit lists for your Expeditions

You will need all of the items on these lists. Some are available from us so feel free to buy from the experts here whatever we cant provide we're sure many outdoor high street stores will be able to assist you. You can also print out the kit list for each expedition to use as a checklist here

1. Socks

2. Base layers

3. Fleece

4. Trousers

5. Waterproofs

6. Gloves

7. First Aid Kit

8. Water bottle

9. Towel

10. Sleeping bag

What else you need

  1. Wet shoes or Wellies
  2. Spare shoes, trainers, sandals, camp shoes or crocs
  3. Wash kit
  4. Sun cream or sunblock (if appropriate)

Walking expeditions require the below kit to get your award. Feel free to order any of our products chosen by our experts. You can also download a printed version to help with your packing.