Who manages one of the biggest expedition companies in the UK?

With a passion for the outdoors, surfing and developing individual’s potential in an outdoor environment we are talking about our very own, Leigh Rose.

Leigh started to work for BXM as an assistant instructor at a young age. By the time Leigh was 19 he had completed an apprenticeship in marketing and his Mountain Leaders Award. From when Leigh started BXM only had a blue 60L storage box and 12 two-person tents. BXM now have over 700 tents and now run over 450 expeditions nation-wide, which Leigh has been a part of throughout.

Starting off wishing to progress with a career in the military, Leigh then realised his passion for the outdoors by doing his DofE expeditions. Fortunately for us, the military wouldn’t accept Leigh, so he decided to text, call & email the owner of BXM to start working on expeditions and drying tents. Eventually Ben gave in and asked him to come and help with things. He worked extremely hard to prove himself and create a job within the company for him, allowing Ben to focus elsewhere on bringing business in and growing the company, while Leigh began to focus on the logistics and planning side of BXM. For 3 years, Leigh booked all staff, campsites and locations for 50-70 schools before the team began to grow and move up to new premises.

Responsibilities that Leigh has within BXM now include the management of logistics, business administration and school liaison for over 100 schools nation-wide. Leigh has also helped invent The Venture Award Programme, which is for year 7 and 8 students.

Leigh’s favourite parts of the job are leading gold DofE open expeditions, delivering parent information evenings in schools and working with schools to implement strategies to grow DofE participation within their centre.

Leigh wouldn’t have been able to do the DofE if it wasn’t for BXM, living in a single parent household, Leigh fundraised entirely for his Silver and Gold Award. At the time, and still now, BXM pride themselves on being one of the most affordable AAP’s in the country. Leigh is now a trustee of ‘BXM Inspired’ a charity founded by Ben Maxfield to help young people, like Leigh at the time, complete their expeditions and access outdoor education trips & equipment.

Overall, we are really lucky to have Leigh on board with us and are proud with the journey he has made to get to where he is now.

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