Who are BXM Media?

A few years ago, after experiencing a huge amount of growth since 2010, BXM Expeditions (now BXM Outdoors) decided to invest in the development of a bespoke cloud system to manage their expeditions, schools, campsites and instructors.

After consulting with a number of different agencies and developers, we got in touch with Julian Humphries (who at the time ran his own web company, Lumous Ltd). Julian developed the BXM Hub from scratch which automated a lot of the manual administrative tasks needed to organise our expeditions, and almost overnight, revolutionised our way of working at BXM. The BXM Hub is the most sophisticated system in the outdoor industry.

BXM continued to work with Julian to develop the hub, and also worked on other projects developing our own website and launching BXM Learning (bxmlearning.co.uk) which provides free e-learning modules & tests to help students prepare for our expeditions.

Eventually Ben Maxfield, the Director of BXM, with his marketing background decided to partner with Julian on a full-time basis, asking Julian to manage a new project. We set up a development and media company that offers a superior service in web development and design to new and experienced companies - BXM Media was born!

After many years working for myself, I am so grateful to Ben for giving me this opportunity to work as part of the wider team at BXM whilst still having full control in the management of our many service offerings including web development, graphic design, marketing and search engine optimisation. I am extremely excited to see how BXM Media grows and develops further from here! – Julian Humphries, Web Development Manager

Within days of launching, we realised that we were onto something special as Julian was far too busy to cope on his own, and so we recruited Meg Robins, our Creative Developer. With a background in graphic design and web design & development, Meg was the perfect candidate to complement Julian’s skills and also allowed us to expand our service offering to include graphic design services and social media marketing.

Julian recruited Meg and she has really made her mark. The ethos we try to install in to all BXM teams is that we want people to be themselves in their work. This is especially important with creative people. Meg learns fast, I teach her little bits about marketing and branding and then just allow her freedom to work. The results from our clients speak for themselves. – Ben Maxfield, Director BXM

To find out more about what BXM Media could do for you and your business, please visit bxmmedia.co.uk or get in touch via info@bxmmedia.co.uk

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