Tips for lacing up your boots

So, you've done your research, you've purchased your boots, you've worn them round the house for a week to bed them in but, they still rub. Now what?

All is not lost. These may have been the most comfortable pairs of boots that have ever graced your feet but there might still be that little niggle bothering you. The answer may lie in how your boots are laced.

Whether you have high arches, your toes are bumping off the front of the boot or you have narrow feet, there's a way to re-lace your boots to suit you.

High Arches

High-arch lacing can help alleviate tightness and add comfort to your boot's fit by opening up the middle of the lace pattern.


Lace the boot with a crisscross through the first set of eyelets.

Thread the shoelace only through the sides.

Tie up the boot through the next two eyelets or more as usual.

Boot feels too tight

Do your boots feel too tight? This method evenly distributes the laces for less pressure and added comfort.


Lace the shoelaces in parallel fashion without the standard crisscross.

Thread by feeding the shoelaces underneath every other eyelet.

Tie up the boot as usual.

heel slipping

This lacing technique can help provide greater support to the ankle and make sure your boot isn’t too tight.


Lace the shoes as usual until the second-to-last hole.

Go straight up into the final hole without crisscrossing the laces.

Thread the shoelace through the loop onto the other side.

Tie the boot up as usual.

toe pain

This pattern of lacing can help lift the toe cap of your boot to give your toes more space. This technique may not work with really stiff boots.


Lace the shoelace from the big toe to the top eyelet on the opposite side.

Thread the other side of the shoelace at each bottom diagonally and at the top parallel to each hole.

Tie up the boot as usual.

Wide forefoot

Wide forefoot lacing can allow for more space for the forefoot and in the toe box of your boot.


Begin by threading the shoelace only through the sides.

From the midfoot upwards, start tying with a crisscross.

Tie up the boot as usual.

narrow foot

Skipping an eyelet and using crisscross lacing can make your boots tighter.


Begin by lacing the boots with a crisscross.

Skip an eyelet and thread the shoelaces in crisscross fashion.

Lace with the usual crisscross pattern and tie up the boot.

high midfoot

By skipping one or two laces, you can create more space for the midfoot.


Lace the boot with a crisscross.

Thread the shoelace only through the sides around the midfoot.

After the point of discomfort, start tying with a crisscross again.

wide feet

This style of lacing can help loosen the entire boot to give your foot more space and comfort.


Lace the boot with a crisscross.

Thread the boot in crisscross fashion every other eyelet.

Tie up the boot as usual.

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