How the BXM Hub Revolutionises the Outdoor World for Us

The BXM Hub is a bespoke web application that sits securely in the cloud and automates a lot of internal processes between BXM and our instructors, schools and participants.

The BXM hub helps with all logistic jobs here at BXM. Here are a few things the hub makes easier.


We no longer need to use Excel spreadsheets for our staffing. Instructors are able to submit their availability via the hub. We then go through all expedition dates and assign instructor to their dates. There is no need to mess around with multiple emails and spreadsheets. Once an instructor is assigned to an expedition, they receive a confirmation email from the hub confirming the dates and the location.

Sending and Receiving Medical Forms

Before we had the hub, we use to send our paper medical forms to schools for participants’ parents to fill in and send back to us. This meant we was using a lot of paper and all medical forms needed to be scanned to a hard drive. Thanks to the hub we are now able to have digital medical waivers instead of sending out a generic medical form to all parents and having to organise the forms into their schools and expeditions. Our developer has made the hub so that we can send individual links to all parents and link their form to their expedition. Once all forms have been completed a register is made, with their emergency contact details on. If a student has a medical issue, the hub creates a medical card at the top of the register. Having this feature on the hub has saved a lot of time, in and out of the office. Instructors no longer need to flick through loads of medical forms on an expedition to find the parents details - they are all on the register. Plus, all of this is available on their phone should the paperwork get wet during the expedition.

Creating Expedition Briefs

In order for BXM to have a successful expedition, all instructors and participants receive a brief from us, with location details and timings on. Before we had the hub, we would create all of these by hand on Microsoft Word. With the hub this process is quicker and easier. We have put all campsite information on to the hub so that each campsite has their own profile with their address, grid reference, an OS Map screenshot of where it is, how much they charge and a place to upload invoices. When we create a brief, we fill in the correct boxes, with how many nights the expedition is, where they are going and the timings. The hub then creates a PDF for us to email out to all instructors, participants and schools.

The hub has so many more fantastic features which help the logistics team at BXM organise and run expeditions. We wouldn’t ever go back to spreadsheets again!

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