BXM Inspired

In short the charity does two things, we run outdoor programmes for young people with potential mental health issues and we raise money to fund outdoor educational school trips for disadvantaged children. The charity evolved from BXM Expeditions which was is one of the largest school expedition companies in the UK working with around 10,000 young people a year pre-covid. After years of research we established that 27% of young people were missing outdoor educational trips for financial reasons. The Founder of BXM Expeditions stepped back from the company in 2018 to start BXM Inspired. The original plans for the charity was to raise money so children could apply for funding if they couldn’t afford to participate in outdoor educational school trips, covering The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, The Venture Award, Geography and History trips. It soon became apparent that  as a charity we needed to offer more to combat mental health in young people so we started working with professionals on some programmes as a result, we will be running various programmes you can see how we work in this video here:


Our ethos is to inspire and help others become Luminaries:

“With exception of saving someone’s life, the most important thing you can possibly do is ‘be a luminary’, which by definition means ‘a person who inspires or influences others’. The best teachers, coaches, photographers, bosses and most respected people are not always the most knowledgeable or even experienced. The very best in all walks of life are those who inspire others by their words, their work, their movement and their actions.

No matter how tough you feel your week is, there isn’t a single day you shouldn’t be inspired by what some people put on their Social media, their travels, their work or their passion. We say how negative social media is but maybe that’s just who we follow. Follow positive people and become inspired yourself as adults every single day and allow yourself to pass that on through every Avenue of your life. Imagine how great this world would be if everyone’s aim was to be a luminary to one adult and one child every single week.

Children need luminaries to allow them to set goals, ambitions and dreams. Too many children have aspirations that don’t go beyond their direct surroundings, often wasting both talent abd skill. Even if you can’t give them direct opportunities, You can still be their luminary!”

Ben Maxfield, CEO giving a speech in 2017 at the South East school leadership conference. Still true today.

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