5 good ways to get active for free in the new year

Being active and staying healthy is an integral part of a happy, healthy lifestyle. As we begin 2021 many new years resolutions will include getting active and while a gym membership will probably be at the top of most people’s list these can be expensive and often go unused. Here are 5 ways you can get active for free as picked by Leigh.


  1. Hill Walking


There is no doubt that we’re a little biased here. Hill walking and mountaineering is a great way to get outdoors and explore your local area or a new part of the UK. Hill walking is known to increase both your physical and mental health with exercise helping you to get fitter and work your muscles. Whether you’re in a mountainous area or just walking in your local parks the connection to nature helps you to calm and destress after a busy week. Remember to take a map and compass and always check the weather!


  1. Complete a ‘Couch to 5k’


While the thought of running 5k might be a bit daunting to many this free app will help you going from sitting on the couch to completing a full 5k run in a matter of weeks. Start off slowly and build yourself up with a mix of walking and jogging before you’re ready to tackle the full 5k. There is no need to measure out your route as the app is based on time completed to make sure you hit the required distance.


  1. Home Workouts


While the various lockdowns and restrictions across the UK closed many gyms and leisure facilities it’s fair to say home workout classes have been a huge hit for everyone. Many fitness bloggers and personal trainers have free videos online you can watch and follow exercise classes from your very own living room. You might need to move that sofa and dodge the lampshade but it is a great way to take the step to better fitness.


  1. Wild Swimming


Okay so wild swimming might be a little cold at the beginning of the year so you might have to wait a bit for this one, unless you’re feeling extra adventurous! Wild swimming much like hill walking provides a place of calm and connection to nature like no other whether it is in the sea or a lake take the plunge! It’s best to swim with a friend and never enter the water outside of your ability, if you’re unsure it’s best to try something else.


  1. Use an outdoor gym


While this may sound a little strange; many play parks and local fields have resistance training gyms free to use by members of the public. They’re completely free and have a range of equipment to get your heart rate up. A perfect way to get active if you’re on a budget but like the idea of using a gym.


Good luck with the start to 2021 we hope it is a good one and we manage to see you out in the great outdoors this year!

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